Nominated- Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards

Somehow, this blog has been nominated into the first round of voting for the 2013 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards, as offered up annually by YakAngler.com. Kayak Anglers Choice Awards (KACA) is a joint venture between YakAngler.com and KayakFishingRadio.com. Each year kayak anglers from across the globe nominate and vote for their favorites in various categories like…


Fishing with rubber hooks.

All fisherman have those days when the fish are biting but the hooks just won’t stick.  Here in Hawaii these days are called ‘rubber hook’ days.  I am the new king of rubber hooks.  By my rough but conservative count I lost at lease 10 good pelagics today.  Water was choppy and the current mostly…


Boat work.

Haven’t had many kayak days lately, and the few that I’ve had have not been very productive. One of the things keeping me busy has been ‘working’ as a deckhand on a bigger boat. It’s no get rich quick scheme, but I at least consider it to be productive research. Stay tuned for more kayak…


Free sailboat? I’ll take it!

A project of an old dreamer, who passed on before completion. Wife sold the house, new owner found a forgotten boat, and offered it for free on Craigslist. How could I resist? Don’t worry, we can fix it!


It’s always worse than you expected.

The Moku’ola project (27′ Wharram Tane catamaran) sat without progress for a while but a lack of employment has given me the time to start grinding away at the rot. Naturally, it’s worse than expected, but I’m not yet discouraged. The fiberglass skin over the rotten and delaminated areas is in good shape, so I…